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Winslow Brothers Tannery


The Norwood Commerce Center is a 165 year old mill complex in Norwood, Massachusetts. Originally a tannery, the complex was used to manufactured bomber jackets during World War II. Currently the property houses fourteen buildings on 27 acres and is home to the WinSmith Mill Market.

We give small ​businesses in Norwood a sense of community and a unique one-of-a-kind space for local artists in Massachusetts to start their business or continue to grow their current clientele.


Our tenants range from artists and musicians to manufacturers and craftsmen, landscapers, dog trainers and so much more! To see our available leasing opportunities check out our Available Spaces page and fill out an inquiry form for more information. 

To see more about the WinSmith Mill Market check out its page for all the information about our shops, vendors and more!

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